ACP Program Wind Down

Attention ACP Program Recipients. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will only continue thru April 2024. ACP funding ensured that over 23 million families across all internet and mobile providers nationwide, had access to quality affordable high-speed internet. The federal government as of today will not continue to fund ACP the internet credit. The final ACP credit you will receive appears on your April 1st Invoice. See important facts below:

  1. That ACP is slated to end April 2024
  2. The impact to your bill will be loss of the $30.00 ACP Credit
  3. The date of the last bill that you will receive the ACP benefit will be April 2024.
  4. Please remember even if the ACP credit goes away you will still receive your $20.00 PCS Rewards credit each month. Consumers can contact the business office to discuss different speed options if necessary or if the consumer needs to opt-out after the end of ACP.
  5. Customers whom were receiving ACP credit can apply on the USAC site for the Lifeline Program that would provide the consumer a credit on home phone, wireless phone or home Internet service.

If you have additional questions contact our business office at 704-889-2001.

Warmest Regards,
Pineville Communication Systems