Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When do I have to pay a deposit, and how much is it?

Deposits are required for all new customers, however if the new customer is a homeowner the deposit is waived.  The telephone deposit may also be waived if the new customer is able to supply a positive letter of credit from their previous telecommunications provider.  Telephone deposits will be retained for 12 months and refunded with 8% interest if the account has been paid as agreed.

Internet/Telephone Residential Deposit - $60.00
Internet/Telephone Business Deposit - $60.00
Internet/Telephone Restaurant/Lounge Deposit - $60.00

2.  How long will it take to have my telephone turned on?

We make every attempt to connect new service within 24 to 48 hours.

3.  Can someone sign for me, so I don't have to pay a deposit?

No, at this time we do not allow for guarantors.

4.  What are the reconnect fees?

Telephone - $5.00
Internet - $50.00

5.  What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, checks, credit cards and money orders for payment of telephone bills in the office. Credit card payments may also be made over the phone by calling 704-889-2001. Payments can also be set up on our automatic bank draft or paid online through the pay my bill link.

6.  Who do I call for telephone outages?

To report telephone outages or other problems call (704) 889-2001 during normal business hours.  After hours problems also call (704) 889-2001 and listen carefully to the system prompts that follow.