Red Condor Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Condor?
Red Condor is a new spam and virus filtering system for all of our customers whom we provide with our email service.
Do I need to set the "aggressiveness" of the Red Condor spam filter?
No. Unlike many other solutions, Red Condor requires no filter tuning whatsoever. You dont need to train the spam filter and there is no knob. Red Condor defines spam in absolute terms a violation of trust indicated by attempts to falsify the sender, defraud the recipient, or otherwise misrepresent the intent of an email. With that definition, Red Condor creates precise rules that target each spam campaign without blocking legitimate emails. The net result is that the end user does nothing to intervene Red Condor does the work.
What is this "Spam Digest” email I keep getting?
The Spam Digest is an emailed version of the Quarantine page that allows you to review and release spam.
How do I control how often I receive the Spam Digest?
Click the link to your 'Personal Dashboard in your daily Spam Digest email and click on the Your Settings link under Your Mailbox and change the Digest Frequency to the setting you prefer, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never. Each user can have a different setting.
How can I review quarantined messages using the Spam Digest?
You have the option of receiving a Spam Digest every day, every week, or every month. You can also choose not to receive a Spam Digest at all. The Spam Digest is an email that tells you what emails were identified as spam and placed in the Quarantine. If there was no spam, you will not receive a Spam Digest. (Thats good news!!!)
I didnt get a "Spam Digest" today. Does that mean my email is broken?
No, that means you did not receive any spam for the most recent period.
How do I delete messages listed in the Spam Digest email?
You need not concern yourself with this. The spam messages listed in the Digest Email have already been quarantined.Quarantined messages will be deleted automatically after 35 days. Each spam digest you receive only lists new junk mail quarantined since the last time the spam digest email was sent.
What are “Quarantined” messages?
Quarantined messages are the messages that the system has filtered out based on filtering options selected. They are archived for 35 days online. You can run reports on the Personal Dashboard for any of your quarantined messages.The Spam Digest lists a summary of the quarantined messages for your account since the previous Spam Digest email.
What username and password do I use to access my quarantine?
There is no username password authentication for the quarantine center. To access your quarantined items, click the "Personal Dashboard" link from the "Spam Digest" email.
How do I release a message from Red Condor's quarantine?
Click one the "View" link in the Digest email next to the quarantined message you want to release. When the "Safe Preview Message" window comes up you may read the message and determine if it is valid or not. If it's a valid message you may release it by clicking on the "Release" button at the bottom right hand corner of the Preview Message Page. The released message will be sent to your inbox. You are also offered the opportunity to add the sender's e-mail address or domain to your Friends list in order to prevent future messages from the sender being quarantined. It is generally not advisable to add the sender's domain if it matches your doman as spammers will often spoof the sender's domain to match that of the recipient.
How long will the quarantined messages be listed in my Spam Digest?
The Spam Digest will only generate a report summarizing activity since the previous Spam Digest. You will receive a Spam Digest report everyday that your account has new spam messages in quarantine (unless frequency is changed via your personal dashboard).